Girls Are Cute and Atheism is Strange

Well……….it was my junior year of college when I fell head over hills (mountains, for accuracy) for this girl in my math class. It was literally my first legitimate big crush on a girl. It is safe to say that I was a slightly late bloomer. Most of the class periods would consist of me glancing over and daydreaming about her – wondering where our first date would be.

ImageConsequently, I ended up with a “C” in the class. Each night I would think to myself, “Tomorrow I am going to ask her out. No fears!” I would even rehearse the lines I planned to say in  my head. However, as class ended each day, I’d freak out inside and digress my plan into just trying again tomorrow. Long story short, I did nothing for the entire semester and it crushed me for about a year afterwards, ha.

During that semester I found myself watching drastically more chick flicks than usual. I needed ammo and ideas for this girl! Also, my IPod playlists consisted solely of extremely cheesy loves songs. My favorites were:Image

Teddy Geiger – For you I will

Train  – Drops of Jupiter

Plain White T’s – 1,2,3,4

Shawn Colvin – When you know 

Liz Phair – Why Can’t I breathe

The list was endless and continues to this day. The Disney movies that I watched that semester seemed better than ever. My DVD player was constantly playing ‘Serendipity’ and ‘P.S. I Love You’.

For some reason, the words being used in those songs/movies triggered off this emotion of “recognition” inside myself. As weird as it is, it is no longer even about the girl. There was something very deep inside my soul that recognized what was happening as if…maybe…I was created to feel that feeling. That feeling of a real, everlasting love that can successfully fill me up with everything I need. Weird huh? It’s like there should be a powerful being that can do this….

Switching gears,

Where did those feelings and reactions come from? There should be an origin of the intrinsic feelings of romance, happiness, sadness, laughter, satisfaction, mourning, etc. It is in our nature to try to find out what is behind everything in the universe. For thousands of years mankind has been trying to figure this out. This self-will to search for truth is given from God so that we may eventually seek Him (Acts 17:27).

Atheists have desperately tried to answer this question. There are many types (Marxists, Freudians, Naturalists, Relativists, Anti-theists and others) but for the most part they all believe in some sort of Big Bang-type creation from nothing and macroevolution. However, by believing in this, it would seem that they then inadvertently contradict themselves and cannot answer these simple “why” questions (let alone our existence). Unlike machines, we always seem to care about something. In order to believe what they believe, they must agree that our existence was an accident based off of a meaningless causation. Without a God creating the universe, we should not be able to say that something is good, beautiful, or true. We are simply matter in motion and chemicals firing off in the universe. If this is the case and everything is meaningless, then conversely what they claim and anything we do is not meaningful. We know this is not true. But without objectivity, the ability to judge, I should not be able to have a crush on a particular girl as opposed to another girl. Those cheesy love songs and movies should not have triggered off any meaning in my brain at all.

So where is the truth?

The truth lies within our living God. Being made in his triune image (i.e. from the time of Adam and Eve) our souls remember that at some point of existence there was once a perfect and infinite love that did fulfill us. It is seen in the first two chapters of the Bible. Every chapter after that is God’s story of bringing us back to that point of perfection. Ecclesiastes 3:11 mentions how we have an emptiness in our hearts that can only be filled by eternity. The reason we enjoy good food, but still are left wanting more is because of this missing piece in our hearts. When Adam and Eve ate, there fullness resulted in complete joy in the food and glory to the divine Father that gave it. It was perfect…until sin entered.

Luckily, Jesus fills this gap (John 10:10). This was done to create gratitude for his name and, in turn, give us fullness of joy. And at his second coming our fullness will be complete. It is a “double-grace”. We have gratitude in that Christ died for us and hope in that he is returning. It is a double-grace equal to double dessert. And faith binds the two together.


11 thoughts on “Girls Are Cute and Atheism is Strange

  1. “Without a God creating the universe, we should not be able to say that something is good, beautiful, or true.”

    Sure we can. Why wouldn’t we?

    ‘Good’ and ‘beautiful’ are both potentially subjective, depending on how you define them. The same could be said for ‘true’, unless you’re talking about facts.

    “then conversely what their claims and anything we do is not meaningful.”

    Meaningful to whom? Things I do are meaningful to me. And to the people my actions impact. Why should I care if they’re not meaningful to the universe at large?

    1. Thanks for the comment. To answer you statement/critique,

      1) The girl was very cute. I wish you would’ve questioned me about that too, haha.
      2) For this particular blog post, I’m looking at the “preconditions” of what a claim like that is saying. Would you be able to claim what you’re saying is true. It becomes impossible to maintain objective standards rooted outside our subjective experience in those 3 (or more) areas. If we are chemical reactions then we have no reason of believing our thoughts to be true, which means we have no reason to believe our thoughts are chemical reactions. The entire idea collapses on itself. This applies to those 3 areas, as well as logic and morality. This begins at the universe and boils down to the smallest areas of our lives.

      1. @NotAScientist – “Except that they can be independently verified by other people and computers.”

        That’s based on the assumption that you (and other people) can know objective truth; so, it’s circular reasoning.

        Especially if we only evolved to survive would not our “knowledge” be only optimal for future survival and not necessarily objective truth about our surroundings?
        Without a foundation outside our own mind I don’t see a convincing reason to assume we know objective truth.

  2. “That’s based on the assumption that you (and other people) can know objective truth”

    No. It’s based on the assumption that we are not just brains in jars plugged into a matrix.

    And it’s not ‘objective truth’. It is truth understood to a reasonably high degree. Not absolutely, but as close as we can get.

    “Especially if we only evolved to survive would not our “knowledge” be only optimal for future survival”

    This seems to be good evidence why so many people are religious. Their brains aren’t programmed for knowledge, just survival.

  3. Why assume that there is meaning? Why does there need to be meaning for us to exist? This isn’t to say we can give our individual lives purpose.

    As far as humans caring about something. Of course we care. We evolved to care. Empathizing with other humans is a very good communal survival trait. When living in small communities the well being of your fellow man is closely tied to your well being. People that lacked this trait did not survive.

    When we care about others that we don’t know it is a mis-firing of this trait. Our body does not know we are no longer in a small oommunal enviorment in Africa.

    I’m just curious. I take it you are a creationist and reject biological science? Just trying to understand where you are coming from.

    1. 1. Can we assume the world has no meaning? If we assume that then that idea of meaninglessness boils all the way down to the smallest particular. Science can attest that design and purpose parallel to that found in human actions are inherent also in the rest of nature. This is where objectivity comes in. If there is no God and no meaning then what foundation can we use to say that something is objectivity true/good/beautiful. If everything you say is meaningless then what you said is ot meaningful. Micro-evolution is real, of course. But there is no macro-evolution of meaning. How can meaning sprout up from nothing?

      2. Some people care about others. Some people care to kill others. Some people care to steal. Some people are indifferent to care about anyone. People steal from people in their small communities. But what objective foundation do we have to say that any one of those people are right or wrong? How is Bin Laden considered evil? By what standard is he considered that? When many many people back him and agree with him. And people from thousands of years ago would cheer for him as well.

      -If evolution is real….shouldn’t morality have evolved along with

      3. How are our bodies wise enough to evolve “meaning” into the cosmological mix and some form of objectivity….but still not tell our bodies that we aren’t in Africa? So the entire world is fine-tuned and macro-evolution has occurred…but the body remembers Africa??? How is that possible if there is no intrinsic purpose and we were someone created as plasma out of “nothing”? (Nevermind about this number. I’ve never heard that before. I’ve never heard any skeptic/atheist say anything like that. No offense, but it sounds kinda odd and confused me. It seems to be ultra-conjecture. But really no offense though)

      1. We could argue a hundred points.

        “If evolution is real….shouldn’t morality have evolved along with evolution?”

        When you say “morality evolved” I’m going to assume you mean we evolved to be increasingly moral in some sense. This is not the case. Evolution/natural selection is not an upward moving scale to more refined higher forms of life. Only traits that are beneficial for survival are perserved.

        When you say the body remembers Africa. It’s not that it remembers, it’s just that that is the enviorment that shaped mankind. We stil show traits of this enviorment. Just as we show vestigal traits from common anscestory with other organisms.

        For example, Obesity is such a large problem because we are driven instintually to prefer fatty/sweet foods. These foods are caloire dense. For early man to survive this trait was necessary. Now it is more of a hinderance, we have more than enough food, but our bodies have no sense of food security and still thinks we are starving on the plains of Africa. So we tend to eat fatty/sweet foods. Our bodies think this is best for survival. Early humans that did not possess this trait did not survive.

        Grammar and spelling a bit rough. on my phone.

        As far as an objective foundation for morality. That’s a good question. We can certainly say objectively that some actions should be prevented. Some actions have such high costs to other humans that we should prevent them. We could imagine a world without theft being a much better state of the world than which we currently live. Or a world where children were not sexually assaulted would be a better world than the one we currently experience. I think we can make claims like this objectively. The foundation may be some complex combination of biology/social sciences/utility. I’m not going to pretend like I know.

        Not that is proves my point anymore, but the counter to my foundation is a religious one. I certaintly would say that the bible as a whole does not provide this foundation. I don’t assume to know what parts of christiantiy/the bible you believe so I won’t get into all that before we start arguing translation and “context”

      2. I very much like the way process in which you lay things out. Similar to how how explain things, so it makes it easy to get things across. (My response to your comment on the other blog is on hold til after work due to the content we’re discussing there).

        Yes, we could argue hundreds of points. This is attests to the “myth” of cosmological affirm and faith. We can banter back and forth and still bring up plausible points for both sides. Satan and his powers of darkness would be doing a horrible job if they did not give you “seemingly” plausible evidence which disproves The bible, Creationism, the flood, Kobe Bryant being the best NBA player, etc. This is why supernatural salvation and changing of the heart from God is ultimate.

        So you say that morality doesn’t need to evolve…only traits beneficial to survival. That’s a contradiction is it not? Better morality does improve survival. I’d prefer killing not to take place so my risk I dying decreases. Especially as time periods progresses and knowledge professed and technology. The killing-toll post The Great Enlightenment are on a later scale than any time period before. How can we pick out things that evolve and things that do not. Morality must evolve along with “meaning” as the other person before you confirmed evolved. How can meaning come about from nothing and morality get left behind?

        I’m typing in my phone too so sorry if any grammar error occur.

        As far as your comments on objectivity:
        There are a plethora of people (past and present) that would rail against your view of good versus bad. Just like beauty, truth, etc…. you may get pleasure from donating blood while others get pleasure from taking blood. What causes one to be wrong and one right? when many people will back one and others back the other. Both gain survival, but though different means. Most of out societal advances were done through evil means. So apparently evil should be seen as good. Therefore, how can we say Bin Laden is evil? Without an overarching being, we have no accounting of objectivity.

        The Triune God of the Bible satisfies this objectivity by giving an innate sense of being. We knew right an wrong before the commandments. We were designed in this way. The problem is that we cannot follow rules.

        Again, the other page we’re talking on, I’ll try to respond soon…I’m just busy at work, ha

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