A Short Story of Lying

A young man had been hiking through a forest until sunset when he began to realize that he was lost. The constant unfamiliar scenery led him to presume that he was not heading toward the trail’s exit.

Suddenly, he saw another hiker approaching him. When the figure reached him, it turned out to be himself! Confused, but too focused on being lost, the young man did not take serious notice of this identity puzzle and asked the twin which direction to head. The twin responded, “You should head East.”

So the young man headed East for almost an hour until he realized he was more lost than in his previous state. Straightaway, another twin version of himself then approached. When the young man asked for directions, the twin responded, “I’m not sure. I’m lost myself.” The young man and the twin laughed and talked for about an hour.

Still lost, the young man headed onward. A third twin approached: “You should go North. The North Star is a compass you fool!” The young man obliged, only to get further lost since he did not know the location of the exit in relation to the North Star.

The sky grew dark. A fourth twin approached: “This is a great workout, isn’t it? The women love leg muscles, aye-aye.” Though tired, the young man reasoned that since he’d gone this far he might work out a little more.

After climbing more hills, the very first twin who had approached him earlier, returned. “Still lost? Friend, the answer was inside of you all along. You are intelligent enough to do this on your own!”

This spiked the young man with motivation. A light bulb popped in his head as he realized he now knew where to go. He sprinted towards that direction.

The young man collapsed as he saw that he’d just ended up at a dead end waterfall.

Suddenly, another hiker approached him. However, this hiker was different. He walked with a limp and was not even dressed for hiking. When the hiker came near, the young man realized that he did look like a twin – only a much older version.

The elderly twin spoke, “Young man, here is why you’ve gotten so lost: If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that you should not be the main guide of your life. In your life, you have lied to yourself more than anyone else has ever lied to you. The more you try to be your own leader, the more you will end up lost. You cannot save yourself. When a man understands more and more clearly the evil that is in him and how limited he is, then he’s learning. A moderately bad man knows he is NOT very good: a thoroughly bad man thinks he is ALL right. Man is flawed. As for God, He makes the way perfect. He lights the lamp in the darkness in order for you to see. Listen to Him.

The young man arose. His heart realigned. He mind set straight. His humbled soul ready to listen. Ready for the light.