About the Chef

Welcome to my blog, “A Fun & Outgoing Introvert”. The title comes from my view of how I’ve grown to see my own personality through the lenses of Christ. Foggy lenses, but lenses nonetheless.

My name is Earnest, and I am the president of this little blog here. I was voted in as of November 2012. I am a Clemson University Bachelors/Masters graduate with my degree in Engineering. Since then I’ve had my professional engineering career in the lovely city of Raleigh, NC and currently in Atlanta, GA. People, laughing, theology, apologetics, dancing, and sports are just some of my passions.

Side note: This feels so weird saying all this. It feels like I’m trying to sell myself to scientists or something. But I’ll keep going. End of side note.

The hope of this blogging adventure is to basically post what I learn/go through in everyday life. It does, in some ways, help me….but the way it will be written will be geared towards encouraging anyone reading. So that we all win. A major influence on my blogging will be from the fact that I am saved by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. So the lens in which I view anything will be from a Gospel lens. Someone once said about C.S. Lewis, “What he thought about everything, was contained in what he said about anything.” That’s what I hope this blog will be. But hey, we’ll see. Y’all rock. Hope this will be fun!

Twitter: @earnest_johnson

Instagram: earnestbj


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