Same-Sex Marriage, Michael Vick, and Mythical Blindness

Goodness gracious, I would probably wash Michael Vick’s feet if I could! If there were 25 hours in a day, I would decrease my working hours as an engineer and apply for a part-time job to be Vick’s personal butler.  Vick is without a doubt my favorite athlete of all time. I grew up in Atlanta and had just reached the age of sports awareness while Vick played there. It was awe at first sight. Every Sunday that the Falcons played was like watching the Grand Orchestra playing a rhapsody on Broadway. I kid you not, from 2002-2006 Michael Vick had the entire city of Atlanta in the palm of his hand … and infamously lost it all.

To this day I am still one of his biggest fans and can intellectually break down why he is one of the greatest football players to ever play in the NFL. I can even pull a Jesus card of forgiveness to defend him. I mentally look past the dog-fighting but, in my numerous debates of defending him, I sometimes dive into the dog-fighting discussion and use cultural relativism to twist Vick towards innocence. I may not be able to convince a person of Vick’s professional value but, with the same token, it is nearly impossible for me to lose a debate on the matter. My brain has been trained to interpret any inflow of NFL/social data related to Michael Vick INTO his favor. This tendency is called confirmation bias. This dynamic is seen all throughout our society; usually to the detriment of our society. We have a tendency to leave objectivity behind and grasp ever-so-tightly to any subjectivity that currently suits us, our values, goals, or the people we love.

This can be clearly seen in the domain of the Same-Sex Marriage and homosexuality. Very rarely does a day go by where there isn’t a new article on Google News, or some other news outlet, of a parent writing a touching letter to their child that has recent come out of the closet. They then vehemently fight in favor of same-sex marriage. In addition, there are also many news stories of people treating a homosexual with hate or bigotry. The socially liberal-leaning media is rampant in news outlets and hunger for these type of stories. My curiosity looks into the people who rejoice as these stories strengthen their ranks in favor of same-sex marriage and expose people as wrong who oppose them. My conclusion is that they treat the same-sex marriage issue in a similar manner that I treat my reasoning for Michael Vick – skewed, biasedinconsistent, and selectively blind

Not too long ago, I had a family member go through an abortion. Knowing that abortion is sinful I could have given my two cents before the abortion happened. Nonetheless, I stood back and disgustingly, in my heart, hoped they’d choose abortion. Because it was more convenient since I’d also be affected. Looking back, it is obvious to see just how unknowingly cloudy my judgement was when put in that emotional situation. At the time, I was not thinking about God’s creative design but selfishly about emotional convenience. Hmm, seems like I became one of those parents who change their mind on homosexuality as soon as a loved one joins the team. Look at how biased, selfish and blindly hypocritical we can quickly become. What causes this?

Based on whatever our mental bias may be we will have a natural tendency to interpret news, decipher scripture, and receive information in a manner that reaffirms our current beliefs. We see this is politics, sports, relationships, and other areas. The homosexuality topic is a tricky one because it is very hard on emotion and is a concrete reality in today’s society. As the late philosopher David Hume would somewhat put it, “Your brain attains more and has higher effectiveness when going through tangible, vivid and intense experiences than with the experiences gained from listening or reading abstract ideas (i.e. God, The Bible, parental sage advise).” Unfortunately in our American society, God and the Bible are generally seen as abstract ideas at best. Because most people do not see God as physically real and the supreme creator, it becomes easy for Satan to influence mass amounts of people into believing other ideas via various “concrete, intense experiences” of life. I am not using the term “intense” as an exaggerated term, but more-so as something we sharply value or anything we can immediately relate towards (i.e. A child you love coming out of the closet, or Michael Vick playing amazingly well throughout the influential years of your puberty).

Ephesians 6:11 and John 8:44 describe the Devil as tricky, deceitful, and ingenious. If this is the case then it would be wise for us to look into what he could possibly be doing here to make God seem abstract. At least three things are obvious:

(1) Satan is doing his best to downplay spiritual warfare in America. In third-world countries demons and the tangibility of spiritual darkness is so rampant that it is downright trite in some nations. In America, however, Satan can sit back and allow our love for material and self destroy us … leaving us astray from the awareness of spiritual warfare.

(2) Satan uses our busyness to keep us from having quality time to spend with the Lord. All throughout the Gospels we see Jesus escaping everyday life just to spend time with the Lord (Luke 5:16, Mark 1:35; 14:32-34). He needed that valuable time as it kept him focused on where God wanted him to be both mentally and spiritually.

(3) The Devil is steadily twisting Jesus’ death on the Cross into a fable. We tend to read the Bible as if it were the casual comic book section of the newspaper. Yeah, abstract idea.

With those objectives at play, along with others, Satan is subtly able to skew our historically biblical view of relationships between men and women toward a secularized, unnatural view. Would it not help if we spent as much time as possible with God where we acknowledge Him and the death/resurrection of Christ as tangibly real? Knowing who we are as sinners lines us up in the best place for us to allow Jesus to take us where he has always designed us the be. Should we not be careful of the things we value and hold up high? Yes, lest we give Satan a chance to pervert an outside idea that centers around that particular love. But hey, who cares…maybe it’ll be fine. Maybe I can just continue on romanticizing Michael Vick. Surely that will get me far in life.

The Beautifully Hated DNA of a Christian Bigot

Our society is blessed by it. Our society is cursed by it. The very existence of it saves lives. The very existence of it kills. Oh, the ebbs and flows of social media. It has the power to uplift a person and, with the same token, to inflict pain. A few weeks ago, I was spontaneously unfriended by a girl that I was Facebook friends with for one month. When I found out, I was flabbergasted… Flabbergasted.

My first inclination was to suspect that it was a glitch or a mistake, so I requested to be her friend again, ha. That attempt yielded zero results. Weeks later, I finally saw her at a social dance. Without hesitation I innocently asked her why on earth she unfriended me (awkwardness does not affect me). Initially, she was stunned that I had approach her to bring it up. After 10 seconds of silence, she admitted that she deleted me because I was a Christian and she did not want any arguing on her Facebook page. Reason being – she is very liberal, both politically and socially. Additionally, she has a fairly outspoken Facebook page where she posts links and has discussions on trending topics of interest. From my perspective, it is fine that she does that and I have complimented her before on her intellectual endeavors. [In fact, for quality discussions you should encourage people of dissimilar beliefs to comment; but I digress].

However, the question still stands … why did she delete me as a Facebook friend? I was totally nice to her beforehand whenever we were together. Never did I show intolerance. An interesting fact is that in the month that we’d been Facebook friends I was practically absent from Facebook. There was barely a hint given to her to conclude that I was anything more than a typical lukewarm Christian. Therefore, what has happened that caused her to automatically delete me from her social media web when she found out that I was a Christian?

The sad state that our society has grown toward is a state that perceives Christians as hateful bigots. There is now a natural tendency for the public to presume that the very air that Christians breathe at church on Sundays is fuel for us to spew out hate towards anyone who does not follow our holy stance. In reality, that idea is far from the truth. Christians are simply given an awareness of something that is outside this world and we are inwardly transformed to think in a manner that is different from this world (Romans 12:2). Here are four everyday examples that the psychological state of a “Christian bigot” can somewhat be analogous to:

1)   There are women in this world that have experienced the tragedy of sexual abuse. Either directly or indirectly. Many of whom dive into the calling of spreading awareness of sex trafficking, prostitution, child abuse, and rape to the masses. They post links of news articles, volunteer, raise money, etc. The oddity of all this is that most people have a tendency to ignore their cries. For example, we know that each of those types of sexual abuses are tragic, however, how much have we donated to an organization for that cause? When was the last time we volunteered and or even read an article? To be honest, anytime an advocate comes out for those causes, I kind of view them as crazy and as a burden to listen to. The term “ignorance is bliss” has its merit. Those women have gained a deep, tangible awareness of sexual abuse and it has caused them to view the true significance of it in our society. Contrarily, most of us have not gained that same viewpoint and live everyday life as if sexual abuse is not rampant. Which of us are correct? We can say the same thing about people fighting for world hunger, war, genocides, political deception, violence, and other topics.

2)   Extrovert versus introvert comparisons can be enjoyable. Being an introvert, I have realized that extroverts generally view most social events very differently than I view them. Sometimes I can explain to an extrovert that I would prefer to stay in, alone, and watch Netflix. Even with that explanation, because they do not have the same mental DNA/perspective, they cannot necessarily relate to my inclination. And vice versa.

3)   I used to call my parents the Devil #1 and Devil #2 when I was younger. They would discipline me at times and not buy me whatever I wanted. Exactly, devils. As I grew older I realized that their weird viewpoint that was so different from mine was actually in my favor.

4)   Police officers often get a bad reputation. They are called out for profiling and stereotyping. They see hideous activities on a daily basis and get harassed for their inclinations. But looking at their inclination from a hypothetical example– lets say we visibly see that redheaded Irish people are scratching mothers all around the world. Today, you’re leaving your mother’s house and a redheaded Irish person passes you going towards your mother’s house. Are you really not going to turn back around, just in case? Not trying to offend anyone. I’m an African American and any time I walk past an occupied vehicle in a grocery store parking lot, I hear the person “suddenly” lock their doors. The hurt from that sounds hurts each time. But based on statistical evidence, can I completely blame them for their precautions? Police officers have the insurmountable duty to protect us. They have experiences that different from ours and generally want for us to be safe.

With all that said, are Christians being bigots or are they simply burdened with seeing something from a totally different perspective? I think about the girl who unfriended often. I pray that we do become legitimate friends. My friendship with her, however, would not terminate on that. One thing I can say to her in context to her reason for deleting me is that I do, indeed, wish for Jesus to save her. I hope for her. I hope for us. May the world understand that Christians are given a new heart and mind that gives them a perspective on many topics that are different than most Non-Christians. There is a certain way that God designed the world to flow and for people to live. This way leads to eternal joy in our life and in the Lord (Psalm 16:11, John 17:3, John 10:10). We as Christians yearn for everyone to be saved and to seek the face of Christ (Luke 15:7, 1 Timothy 2:4). It sounds weird. But to the Christian, it sounds beautiful and glorious!

6 Steps for “Winning” Any Debate in Favor Homosexuality (Allegory)

Dr. Peters enters the auditorium with his demanding 6’4” stature and scruffy beard. “Good morning everyone,” he declares in his deep, raspy voice as he turns on his PowerPoint presentation. The room is on the top floor of one of Washington, D.C.’s tallest skyscrapers. The auditorium – filled with numerous high-end politicians, news company executives, noteworthy reporters & writers, and numerous prominent voices of the LGBTQ community – was silent with anticipation.

“Well lets get started, as I do not have much time. You have brought me in today to teach to you methods of filtering an idea into the ethos of our society in a way that our society will approve of it. As you know, the topic at hand is homosexuality and same-sex marriage. In order for success we must be covertly deceptive. I can assure you that this is not my first time at the rodeo for altering the macro-psychological concepts of a population. Over time, if you closely follow my 6-step plan, you will see a turnaround in the acceptance of homosexuality. It will be the quickest shift on a mass-societal topic in the history of our world.”

Dr. Peters smirks with confidence as he beings his PowerPoint:

1)   Redefining Words.

In order to change a people’s idea on the topic of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, we must first get our country to redefine the words “judgment” and “condemnation”. Historically, those words have been defined as what is done by the accuser after they tell someone the truth. That is, condemning is about casting a person off after they tell you their position. We will need to alter these definitions such that ‘judging takes place anytime someone disagrees with your position regardless of their actual treatment of you afterwards.’ [Other words to redefine: rights, marriage, love, hate]

We also need to pervert the ideas of “individualism” and “political correctness”Of course individualism itself is not evil. Even political correctness has solid merit. Political correctness has the ability to stop people from being marginalized or insulted by other humans. This is good all around. All that said, that is NOT our end goal. If we stopped there we’d be defeated for sure. Our end goal is to pervert human thought process as to make it impossible for them to truly guide one another toward Truth.

Since the start of western America… there has been a subtle 300 year long progression of moral and sexual liberty that destroys the effect of the Gospel. It is a free speech apocalypse. The Bible requires repentance on some level – but a person cannot tell another person to follow Jesus without simultaneously calling that person to walk away from something else.


When individualism is coupled with political correctness that “something else” now doesn’t have to be walked away from anymore. Hence, true repentance in order to follow Jesus cannot be achieved at the heart level. Therefore, over time, they will naturally become anti-repentant. You see, the Gospel is not only a Gospel of repenting from sins that we KNOW are WRONG – it is also repenting from things that we THOUGHT were a VIRTUE.  Subsequently, this will force the hand of the church into accepting homosexuality as normative because they need that key repentance piece to seemingly stay in effect as some level within their doctrine.


2)   Excessively Accuse Anyone that Thinks Homosexuality is Wrong, as Hateful Bigots.

I know what you’re thinking, what good will that do? Let me tell you a story. Back in 2005, the Bush administration asked for my help as they needed to drastically increase gas prices; something they’d never done before. I told the administration to increase gas prices from the nationwide average of $1.80 upward to $4.50 (much more than their actual goal). This caused a nationwide outcry. After one week of chaos, I told the administration to bring it down to $3.50. The entire nation immediately calmed down. They were so relieved to pay $3.50 a gallon instead of $4.50 that they forgot that just a week prior they were paying $1.80! This psychological tactic is unwavering in its success when done correctly. For instance, if you continuously call Christians bigots, they will naturally begin to give in and attempt to overcompensate for their “presumed hate”. They will being to weaken their doctrine  and their churches will water down on LGBTQ issues.

Image result for cs lewis emotion reason


3)   Deteriorate the Current Secular Worldview.

This is one of the easier, but tricky targets. Apart from the Christian faith, Americans have no objective structure to look towards that justly labels homosexual acts as morally wrong. Have them begin to believe that homosexuality isn’t a choice or a sinful bent; but that you are immutably and unchangeably biologically homosexual. This has no scientific evidence, but it is still a powerful weapon. Now whether it is biological or not, it doesn’t matter in the end because we still run into the risk of our opponents making the factual claim that some people are genetically predisposed to alcoholism (which has more evidence), pedophilia, or violence. Therefore, those things should also be accepted. Be careful with this point.

We can also rid of this group by attempting to correlate gay rights to historical women’s rights, African American slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. They will eventually topple over and acquiesce. Their growing indifference and low attention spans will be the end of them. ‘God bless America’.


4)   Emotion     Emotion         EMOTION         E-M-O-T-I-O-N.

This, my friends, is our greatest and dearest weapon!!! When you write articles or give political speeches on same-sex marriage it is vital for you to use as much emotion as possible. The emotion of both love and hate are equally important. If you hear a heartfelt story about a daughter revealing her homosexual lifestyle to her parents … regardless of their reaction, publish it!! Share it! If they accept her, write to gain tears of joy. If they neglect her, write to gain empathetic hate. Either way, it is a win-win. People love stories. There is a reason why Michael Jordan is still extremely popular among today’s adolescents – because his stories are still passionately told to this day. Emphasize on how you love your partner every chance you get during a debate. Story telling is a “straw man approach” which subliminally works in our favor.


5)   When to avoid Christians:

  1. The ones in the Reformed or certain seminary circles are tough to break down. They stand with their strong theology and, because that is not our strong point, … we should digress there. However, luckily for us, the theologically-focused Christians are depicted as arrogant bullies within the entire Christian domain itself already. The white men especially have a hard time theses days because their historic pedestal has been revealed and frowned upon. Therefore, we can sit back and avoid them as they are already labeled as conservative bigots from other Christians.
  2. Please avoid Christians who show genuine love for people who practice homosexuality with a distinction between “loving the person and not the sin”. Do not write those stories. Be careful around them, lest they invite you into their homes, engage into your lives, turn you into a Christ follower, and show you the true design of God’s creation. Remember, this is a chess game. That is a move that you do not want to make.

Note: If you do come across these Christians, try your best to keep the discussions away from the Gospel. Keep the focus narrowly on God’s treatment of homosexuality. This way the Biblical metanarrative of Jesus is not spoken on … but only an implication of it. Depending on their knowledge of scripture, or lack thereof, you may be able to twist scripture and justify your case without them knowing.

6)   Stray away from the polygamy argument.

This is important. We have no way of fighting in favor of same-sex marriage without inadvertently allowing for people in favor of polygamy to use our exact same arguments in favor for themselves. That is a large weakness in our fight. Even though some of you may actually be in favor of polygamy, America is not ready for polygamous marriages just yet. Our current focus has to stay on same-sex marriages. If people bring up that polygamists should merit rights if homosexuals merit rights … just walk away or change the subject. Trust me, we cannot win that argument nor do we want America aware of its imminent occurrence.

[End of PowerPoint]

Dr. Peters, turns off the Power-Point document and looks toward the audience. No one says a word. Everyone is in awe of what they just learned.

“Class dismissed,” declares Dr. Peters.



Dear Heavenly Father, please continue to have mercy on our wretched nation. Please forgive us. Please forgive us. 

Ephesians 3:14-20